Joint undertakings have been a part of the historical Pentecostal Movement and there has been an amazing synergy between joint undertakings and the local churches. In recent times, following organisations/institutions have been considered joint enterprises:

  • Mariager Højskole (Danish Pentecostal Bible College)
  • Mariager Efterskole
  • Efterskolen Frydensberg
  • UNG Mosaik (Children and Youth Association)
  • Efterskolen Alterna
  • International Aid Service (Christian aid organisation)
  • Kristent Medie Netværk (Christian Media Network)
  • Betesda Rehabilitering (has been added recently)


With the future in mind, we see joint undertakings as an important part of the network, allowing new enterprises to arise. Our definition of a joint undertaking is as follows:

  1. Joint undertakings are organisations/institutions with a vision beyond the local church. They have a unique calling to contribute to the development and growth of the church network. After a proposal from the board of Mosaik, they must receive a majority of votes at a general meeting in order to be recognised as part of a joint undertaking network.
  2. Joint undertakings have the churches of the network as their base of support, and the majority of the individual boards are from Mosaik churches, and the joint enterprise has visions, values, and theology that are part of the national network.
  3. Joint undertakings will provide the board of Mosaik with information about essential changes.
  4. No organisations can be admitted as joint undertakings if they have been established in order to support an individual persons’ or churches’ ministry. Joint undertakings may have started out as a local or regional initiative, but should the majority of the general meeting recognise them as part of joint undertakings, then they will have a national vision.
  5. Joint undertakings is allocated speaking time at Mosaik gatherings.