Mosaik consists of two divisions under the same associational umbrella. The two divisions each have their own premise and content. If a church joins Mosaik they become a part of the Mosaik network. If a leader joins Mosaik they become part of Mosaik’s leaders network.

The Mosaik leaders network is a network of leaders who want to to stand together in a binding and reciprocally fruitful ministry-community.

All members of Mosaik leaders network will be expected to participate in gatherings of Mosaik, for instance The Full day conference(Superdøgn), pastors’ gatherings, leadership conferences, and general meetings. All members will receive relevant information on an on-going basis and will be admitted to the private Facebook group for Mosaik leaders where relevant information and learning will be shared with a steady flow.

The purpose for Mosaik’s leaders network is to build up strong and close relationships that ensure that no leader operates isolated from the entirety, but that all are connected to persons who can rectify blind spots and contribute to growth, development, and reciprocal inspiration.


Mosaik leaders consists of leaders, that
# Have agreed upon Mosaik’s foundation of faith and values.
# Have agreed to commit to Mosaik’s ethical guidelines, and be jointly responsible to protect the networks name and reputation.
# Have an approved personal mentor after own choice with whom they meet at least twice a year and who has been given the right to speak into their life and ministry

# Have support for their membership in Mosaik from the leadership and senior pastor from their local church

# Are actively serving as either church leaders, youth leaders, kids leaders, missionaries, preachers, or similar

# Are active in the gatherings of Mosaik, such as Full Day conference (Superdøgn), leadership conference, Sommercamp, general meeting etc.

# Have filled in and submitted the application form found on this webpage, and have been approved by the board of directors

You are more than welcome to contact us via E-mail or telephone, should you have any questions regarding the above