The History of Mosaik


Mosaik was established in 2002 as a network for preachers within the Danish Pentecostal Movement, known as “The Pentecostal Preacher’s Association”. Prior to 2002, there was very little organisation within the Pentecostal church. There was a belief in the sovereignty of the individual congregation, and there was a lack of oversight leadership.


Such convictions were shared amongst other Pentecostal Movements from Northern countries. In comparison, the Assemblies of God in America had been very structured from the previous century. They had governing organs in every constituent state.


However, times changed and there were new demands. There were demands from national authorities, departments of state and churches. The Danish ‘Free Church’ had also undergone changes. This resulted in the development of The Pentecostal Preachers’ Association, an association for pastors, leaders and missionaries. There was a set of standard ethical guidelines etc. In 2007, the name was changed to (“”).


Over time, invited leaders to join who did not have a direct connection to a Pentecostal church. The network also evolved to be the organizer of major events; such as the National Summer Camp in Mariager. Therefore, such arrangements were also linked to churches that traditionally do not come under the Pentecostal umbrella. Therefore, experienced the need for a name change, and in early 2017 the name was changed to Mosaik. This marked a new era in which the network includes not only a leader’s network but a network of leaders, churches and organisations and joint ventures.