Mosaik has values which guide and support the partnership and activities that the network launches. The values are meant to characterize and permeate the fellowship and the culture that the network portrays.

Missional focus

Focusing on mission means engaging in bringing salvation to the unreached. In order to carry out this value we want to:

  • Plant new churches
  • Invest into international mission- produce, support and sent out missionaries
  • Preach the gospel to all target groups via media and other relevant platforms
  • Stress social work and relief aid
  • Be a popular movement, breaking isolation and being open to society
  • To be known by Danes for our values and to be without prejudice
  • Work with other denominations within the ‘FrikirkeNet’ to produce a good public identity. Further, to build confidence with the authorities and handle the media wisely.

Fostering culture

This seeks to build up disciples and produce leaders that will function well in tasks both within the church and society. We want to:

  • Consider all generations but invest in the next
  • Stress the development of children’s and adolescent church. Further brining a focus onto the youth and young families with children.
  • Make room for leaders of the next generation
  • Stress lifelong learning and all kinds of education
  • Inspire churches and leaders and invest into equipping and training
  • Equip leader teams and church councils in local churches
  • Release the fivefold ministry gifts locally and nationally
  • Acknowledge local, national and international ministries
  • Kill the Jantelov and petty-mindedness and together create a generous and encouraging culture
  • Honor ministries and uplift local churches and collective businesses

Healthy local churches

The value of sound leadership means weighing decisions effectively, and having good attitudes and behaviors concerning theological scales. Furthermore, connecting leaders in a binding network where each leader is willing to be inspired and guided by other leaders. Sound leadership entails:

  • Is fueled by a love for Jesus and acknowledges the importance of whole heartedly ‘Jesus following leadership’
  • Develop a Christ-like attitude of mind, and promote a Christ-like character
  • Servant leadership- managing their mandate to lead by setting a good example, and walking the talk
  • Maintain ethical guidelines and works to create healthiness in the life of leaders
  • Believes in the importance of a balanced lifestyle, with a high priority on own family life and investment into own marriage
  • Promote a heathy self-image and have an awareness of mental hurts that remain from childhood
  • Acknowledge weaknesses and confess sin
  • Healthy physical condition and lifestyle, prevent stress and honor our vacation and leisure time
  • Lives in a process of life-long learning and engages in relations outside of church

Accountable relations

That implies that we commit ourselves to take care of each other within the network – both individually and as whole churches. Accountable relations means to:

  • Secure that ministries are not self-sufficient and that churches don’t isolate themselves
  • Aim at quality in our mentoring scheme and take care in the use of external counselors
  • Be accountable towards one other
  • Recommend everyone to be an active part of a cell group, or another kind of ‘discipling’ fellowship
  • Commit ourselves to the fellowship and be accountable to each other in order to receive evaluation and exhortation from each other
  • Prevent divisiveness, promote reconciliation and exercise handling of conflicts effectively
  • Show faithfulness in relations and loyalty towards each other
  • Avoid slander, instead encouraging direct dialogue when concerning conflicts
  • Commit ourselves to a regular and punctual attendance. Aim to participate from beginning to end in gatherings
  • Invest whole heartedly in ecumenical networks and interdenominational councils and grow good relations with people from other denominations both locally, nationally and globally

Innovative environment

We want to be relevant and include the great message of the gospel in present forms and solutions. The goal for Mosaik with an innovative environment is:

  • To promote creativity and a desire to create and be open to new visions, opinions and ideas
  • To be willing to take risks and build a faith filled environment, promoting pioneering, freeing the apostolic, the prophetic and evangelical.
  • Dare to think in a new way, make room for entrepreneurship bringing inspiration from other nations, churches and associations
  • keep on learning whilst promoting a culture where failures are allowed, and experiments welcomed
  • To insist on readiness for change – train change management without losing the change
  • To stay a dynamic organic movement that does not freeze in the past or settle in a certain format

Charismatic equipment

This value is to live and minister dependent upon the Holy Spirit as the equipping presence of God, expecting that He will give us the love and power of Jesus. Specifically, this means to:

  • Promote the Spirit and Word in our midst, stress intercession, mutual prayer, worship and the laying on of hands. To promote the gifts and life of the Holy Spirit
  • Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is telling the churches, combining prophetic inspiration and sound discernment
  • Stress bible based, evangelical, Jesus centered preaching and teaching
  • Stand for the authority of the Bible as the word of God, and stress sound bible interpretation. Further promote sound theological thinking.
  • Pursue spiritual renewal and be open to different charismatic forms, being careful to not restrict the expression of the Holy Spirit
  • Acknowledge the different seasons in the life of churches and individuals


The values of Mosaik presented above are used throughout the networks to express and promote a healthy life and focus within our fellowships. The intention of these values is to be a tool for evaluation and to provide a clear picture of the healthy running of a church. The values are designed to challenge faith goals, and to inspire and provide focused prayers within the network.