Members of Mosaik are committed to the following ethical guidelines:


  1. We are committed to our declaration of faith for Mosaik (Link to faith declaration).
    Our theology stands on the conviction that the scriptures are God inspired, and must be interpreted under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  1. We aim to live in relational responsibility.
    As leaders and church members of Mosaik, we have a mentor that we allow to speak into our lives. Further, member-churches have external counsellor(s) that may speak into the life of the church. Mentors and external advisors are elected by the church and are the primary assistants, should conflict arise. They must therefore be prepared to work within the framework of Mosaik’s articles of association and ethical guidelines.


  1. We aim to act with relational integrity.
    Dialogue is considered key when relating to others from member-churches. If an unresolved conflict causes a church move for an individual, a break of 18-months is required concerning serving. There is no distinction between paid and unpaid service. When considering a church plant in an area where there is already a member-church, a dialogue is required. Confidentiality is key; the duty of confidentiality is only limited by a duty to report if the live/s or welfare of others is at stake. We aim to talk directly to individuals if issues arise, rather than talking ‘about them’.


  1. We protect marriage. 
    Sex belongs within the marriage of a man and woman. If a member goes through a divorce, the member should consult his mentor for an assessment of his suitability to continue in leadership.
  1. We abstain from abuse. 
    Paedophilia and incest are completely unacceptable and must be reported to the relevant authorities. A member must avoid the abuse of alcohol and euphoric substances.
  1. We deal with trusted means with integrity. Members must avoid the misuse or carelessness concerning trusted funds. Members must avoid tax evasion, suspicious inheritance cases and donations. It is considered a suspicious case if legitimate questions can be raised related to whether the member has misused his or her influence as a spiritual counsellor in order to obtain inheritance or donations.