Mosaik consists of two divisions under the same associational umbrella. The two divisions each have their own premise and content. If a church joins MOSAIK they become a part of the Mosaik network. If a leader joins Mosaik they become part of Mosaik’s leaders network.

The Mosaik church network is a network of local independent churches who want to be associated with other local churches in a mutually binding national network.
All members of the Mosaik church network get to vote according to the number of members within their church, and pay an annual fee depending on the church size. A fee is set annually by the General Meeting.
As a member of Mosaik’s church networks your church gets;


# Your church name on the Mosaik’s website, your church can brand itself as a Mosaik church.
# Ownership of all Mosaik’s joint ventures.
# Access and participation at all of Mosaik’s conferences.
# National and international contacts through Mosaik’s national and international networks.
# Membership in major ecumenical forums such as the Danish Council of Churches, the Danish Mission Council and the Churches International Service also known as KIT.
# Access to a shared learning environment with other like-minded churches and leadership teams.
Mosaik church network consists of local churches that;

# Have agreed upon Mosaik’s foundation of faith and values.
# Have agreed to commit to Mosaik’s ethical guidelines, and be jointly responsible to protect the networks name and reputation.
# Have one or more approved external advisors of their choice, with whom they meet at least once a year, and who have agreed to step in and act as a responsible leadership in the case of a conflict or a crisis.
# Are active partners and participants in Mosaik’s joint ventures, conferences and meetings.
# Have completed and submitted the application form from this website, and have been approved by Mosaik’s members at a general meeting.
# Have paid the annual fee, determined at the general meeting.
You are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone if you have questions concerning the above.