International mission work


The member churches of Mosaik have a long tradition of carrying out mission work abroad.


International mission is a reflection of how the individual churches have contributed to work out the commandment given by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The gospel means: ”The good news.” The good news is that Jesus is relevant to all people in the world today.

The churches do international mission in many different ways. The fundamental idea within mission work, though, is to send out missionaries. “Missionary” comes from “mission”, which comes from the Latin “mission”, meaning “sending out”. There are many organisations with the same purpose that are a part of Mosaik Network.

The missionaries of the churches are involved in many different projects. The span reaches from social work in schools and orphanages to humanitarian aid. Missionaries also spend a lot of time sharing the good news about Jesus.

Once a year in collaboration with different networks, Mosaik holds an inspirational day about missions.


The work and missionaries of the churches are spread all over the world. Please follow the individual links on this page to get an insight into some of these missionaries and the work that they do.


Overview of sent out missionaries